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Ensuring interrupted supply of medical gases to patients throughout decades in hospitals and medical institutions.

Our Legacy Continues!

Engineering excellence in healthcare

Established in 1995, B.S. Medical International was founded with the vision of providing exceptional healthcare solutions. Over the years, our organization has grown exponentially and, since 2007, we have been recognized under the leadership of our esteemed founder, Mr. Sukhendu Samanta. Located in Kolkata, West Bengal, our headquarters serve as the central hub for our operations. While we are based in Kolkata, our services extend far beyond the city and are offered throughout the country, catering to renowned corporate hospitals and esteemed medical institutions.

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Our Services

With state of the art infrastructure & cutting edge technology, our experienced team of technicians and staffs provide the best quality services as well as equipment.



We have an in-house drawing and design team consisting of experienced engineers, excellent technicians and skilled labours specialised in CMGPS with a focus on exceptional technical support and customer service.


Hospital furniture

Discover our extensive selection of premium hospital furniture products, meticulously crafted to deliver exceptional quality.

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24/7 maintenance

To minimise the risk & maximise operating efficiency, we offer running maintenance & comprehensive annual maintenance on a contractual basis.

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Over 30 years of experience and millions of happy families!


Medical gases delivery system

A single source for medical gas delivery system designed and commissioned specifically as per our client's requirements.

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Installation of Medical Gas equipments

Our comprehensive medical gas installation service encompasses pipework solutions for both new and upgrade initiatives, medical vacuum and air plant installations, remotely monitored oxygen flow meters, manifolds, and advanced medical gas alarm systems. We meticulously strategize each installation in close collaboration with our clients, prioritizing minimal disruption to hospital operations. Rigorous testing is conducted at every stage, and our installations are certified upon successful completion.

Liquid Oxygen Cryogenic Vessel

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The cryogenic liquid oxygen vessel is a double cylinder structure. The inner tube and pipe are made of austenitic stainless steel. It comes with an ergonomic designed piping layout for ease of access, operation and maintenance. Necessary instructions as per PESO guidlines have been followed while installation and also necessary fencing is done to contribute towards the safety to ensure no human intervention takes place near the vessel to avoid any accident. Some of its technical specifications are mentioned below:

Location: Central Hospital North East Frontier Railway, Maligaon, India.

  • Net Capacity: 5200 lit

  • Outer vessel material: Carbon steel

  • Empty weight: 2850 kg (approx)

  • Full weight with N2: 7059 kg (approx)

Our nationwide service

  • West Bengal

  • Maharashtra

  • Odisha

  • Assam

  • Tripura

  • Andhra Pradesh

  • Chhattisgarh

  • Andaman & Nicobar Islands


Our Major Clients


In 30 years of business we have an impressive clientele from all over India, few of them has been listed and mentioned under where we successfully delivered and executed various tasks from time to time during emergencies as well as fulfilling our client's exclusive requirements. We have endeavored to support them in every way that helped in the successful completion & handover of the project on scheduled time. :

  • 7 apollo hospital branches all over India

  • 5 Narayana Health hospitals (NH Group by Dr. Devi Shetty)

  • 2 AMRI hospitals (Dhakuria & Mukundapur)

  • 1 IRIS & Kothari group hospital in Kolkata

  • 7 medical colleges across India

  • 30 Central & State government hospitals

  • 10 Railway Hospitals

  • 3 E.S.I Hospitals

  • 24/7 Operation with Maintenance (CMC) in almost 30 plus hospitals 


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21/3 Central Park, Kolkata 700032, India
PHONE : +91 9831946352




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