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MGPS installation

Our installation engineers & highly skilled technicians are present throughout the nation to provide a comprehensive installation service. Our professionals are trained to verify proper installation & assist in the start of a new MGPS system as well as we ensure that our work causes minimal disturbance to hospital routines & is coordinated with the work of other contractors. We also make sure that the installation is completed professionally and on schedule. 


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Our comprehensive medical gas installation service encompasses pipework solutions for both new and upgrade initiatives, medical vacuum and air plant installations, remotely monitored oxygen flow meters, manifolds, and advanced medical gas alarm systems. Rigorous testing is conducted at every stage, and our installations are certified upon successful completion.


24/7 operation maintenance

Medical Gas Pipeline System (MGPS) is a patient's life support system. The components in a MGPS are linked together by the medical pipeline network & failure of a major component can shut down the vital areas of your medical facility.  

Scheduled Maintenance (SMC)

This program is performed on a scheduled basis. It is based on practises & manufacturers recommendations designed to keep the equipment running smoothly. Our expert service identifies if there are any repairs required which once completed could prevent any unwanted shutdown of an equipment. Proper maintenance of equipment will reduce downtime & is economic in the long run. 

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comprehensive breakdown, maintenance, repair and hire service for all medical gas plant and manifold systems, as well as all related alarm systems and intelligent plant controls are provided.

Comprehensive Annual Maintenance (CMC)

This program is performed on an equipment to restore its proper operating condition. This is typically unscheduled work done on the request of our clients and is not included in the SMC contracts.  We offer competitive labor rates & OEM parts pricing. Rest assured that Comprehensive Annual Maintenance can be handled rapidly to maximize equipment uptime.




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