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Fully Automatic Control Panel

Model No. AC/001

Fully Automatic Control panel - Oxygen Service
The Oxygen Control Panel shall be
CE mark & Microprocessor based Digital type / Display type. Pressure reduction shall be in two stages. The control panel shall be integrated with pressure gauges inside the panel. The panel shall be fitted with a standby line regulator. After the line regulator, there should be a relief valve mechanism for testing & service purposes. The panel shall be fully automatic & shall switch over from Bank in use to Reserve Bank without fluctuation in delivery line pressure & without the need for external electrical power. After switching over, the Reserve Bank shall become the Bank in use & Bank in use shall become the Reserve Bank. The control panel will be powered by a microprocessor.
The unit shall be compact. A microprocessor circuit board assembly shall provide a relay output to give an indication when or just before the manifold switches from one bank of cylinders to another.
The switch-over shall be controlled electrically by
solenoid valves only. To avoid excess pressure being supplied to the distribution system a pneumatically relief valve for the line regulator shall be incorporated. An intermediate pressure relief valve shall be installed between the high-pressure regulators & the line delivery regulators.
The control panel incorporates
three colored LED's & eleven indicators with four for the left bank & four for the Right Bank & three for the main line. Duty bank - orange colour for duty bank, Green for the Normal & Stand By condition & Red for Low condition. Same for Reserve Bank. For Main line - Orange colour for active of main line. Green for Normal & Red for Low condition. All pressure transducers & display LED's shall be pre-wired to an internal on microprocessor circuit board. The control panel should be made to provide Heavy duty with a Flow capacity of over 1500 lpm Panel shall be compatible for interfacing with the information Management System (optional) Optional Interface to PC running Window.
Test & Mute facility should be there. Timer of Mute shall be 10 min & will be active after mentioned time period.
The Dimension of indication shall be
12 x 12 mm specially for readable in poor lighting.
The control panel should be
666 x 608 x 205 in size.
CE Mark shall be embossed in cabinet only with Manufacturer brand name.


  • Fully automatic control panel will be operated by Solenoid valves only (Parker make) size - 1/2" (F) thread with 24volts coil.

  • Pressure gauges 0 - 280 kg/cm2, 63 mm dial, back connections, 1/4" BSP thread - 2nos. for the high pressure line (make Wika).

  • Pressure gauge 0 - 10 kg/cm2, 63 mm dial, back connection, 1/4" BSP thread - 1 nos for the main line (Make Wika)

  • Pressure gauge 0 - 16 kg/cm2, 50 mm dial, bottom entry, 1/4" BSP thread - 4 nos for the outlet of IOX - 14 regulators & Janatic regulators.

  • Janatic regulators should be 1/2" BSP thread - 3 nos.

  • At the time of BY pass, system will be like this & there is no need for disturbing any setting of regulator.

  • Isolation valves - 5 nos.

  • Pressure switches will be CE marked.

  • Which bank is in Running position that will be indicated by separate indicator.

  • Normal & Low indicators with Test & Mute switches will be operated.

  • The flow of gas will not stop at the time of failure of power.

  • Control voltage will be supplied separately for the safety of the solenoid valves coil.

  • Test switch will be operated by timer only. (It should not work up to pressing the switch).

  • Fully automatic control panel will be worked only at 12 volts & 24 volts DC.


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